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    SWIS Connection Error - Running Windows Scheduled Task


      I have a Windows scheduled task setup to run every 10 minutes executing a SQL query that pulls information from a custom property field.  The scheduled task runs fine under my own ID (don't want to do this because of pswd expiration),  I've tried using our SVC_NetIq account to run the task and it fails with the error listed below (it is local admin on the box).  Is there some credential I need to setup to read the DB?  Thanks. Denise




      3/7/2013              12:01 PM                             Minutes Down  sus.028155.ph.us.tgr.net              1144

      3/7/2013              12:01 PM                             Cannot bind argument to parameter 'SwisConnection' because it is null.


      O/P from good run using my ID/PSWD:


      3/8/2013              9:30 AM               Minutes Down  sus.316614.ph.us.tgr.net              10903

      3/8/2013              9:30 AM               Minutes Down  sus.316702.ph.us.tgr.net              5481