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    Throttled Bandwidth - Alerting and Reporting Options?


      Reporting on average and peak bandwidth utilization is a snap.  Anyone who can download and install Solarwinds Orion NPM can do it in a matter of minutes.  The problem becomes how to determine whether or not a service provider is throttling bandwidth below the committed line rate.  For example, a business class circuit for a small business client might be guaranteed at 10Mbps down and 1.5Mbps up.  If the service provider is artificially capping the site at 8/1 is there a reliable way to tell without running periodic bandwidth tests?


      The challenge, as far as I can tell, is determining whether the issue is an end-user device send issue (can you push or pull that much data?) or an ISP issue.  Regardless of the source, I'm still challenged with determining if there are the following:


      1)  Bandwidth capping issues (current and historical)

      2)  Peak bandwidth utilization.  (I'd love to find a great way to compare bandwidth and response times in one alert and/or graph)


      Any and all input is appreciated.  I am sure that at least *one* other person out there has wondered how to monitor for under-provisioned circuits.





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          I think NPM or any other monitoring tools couldn't know your profile setting configured by your ISP (but I know one application for wireless broadband that could somehow know your profile settings which is MDMA)


          Unless your interface to your ISP experiences "clipping" during your peak hour then that's the only time you may have a hint that your ISP is throttling your bandwidth.

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              Thanks for the feedback, fortunately we have gone through the effort to request the configured profiles for all of the circuits that we monitor.  We've added those values to Orion NPM as part of the custom bandwidth settings.  Right now, the only time that we can tell if there is a constrained bandwidth scenario is if we get a response time alert and we check the graphs and see the circuit capped at less than 100%.


              Hmm -- that makes me think that an alert that triggers for possible bandwidth throttling for response time where the utilization for either upload or download is less than 100% might help us react in real-time.  This might only work for upload traffic though as upload bandwidth tends to have a large constraint (ie dropping ICMP packets) than download traffic in our environment.  (Mostly SMB circuits)


              I'll have to investigate that possibility.

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              Has anyone played with any of the tools from the Google collaboration called M-Lab?




              A few of their tools can be run from command-line instead of a Java window.  Command-line means automation, but it's the delivery of the results and assessing them against pre-set thresholds that are still making me scratch my head a little.