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    AC and time zones.


      Is anyone else having issues with time zones? I have configured both the server and users to be GMT but when adding a new on call assignment it insists that I'm in Iceland, the dialogue box also states that 'my time zone' is US/Indiana!

      I cannot find anywhere to set an address for an NTP server, is there an option to do this?Alert Central Time Zonet

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          nicole pauls

          You can set the timezone of the appliance itself by using the virtual appliance management interface at https://<ip/hostname>:5480 (click the "System" then "Time Zone" tab). You can see the NTP and timezone status from the same place under "SolarWinds Mgmt" -> "Status".


          How does Iceland fit in? Iceland's timezone is UTC/GMT.


          The last bit with the US/Indiana time usually comes from your user's timezone, but it sounds like you've checked and set that. It's possible it might be cached, you could try refreshing the console after making all those changes and see if it picks up the changes in the On Call calendar.

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            When i make a new assignment, I see:  My Time Zone (US/Indiana-S...)    User's Time Zone  .  If i select a group and a user then I see: User Time Zone (GMT0).


            I am in PST but the AC vm is in Austin, Tx which is probably US/Indiana-Starke or better known as CST.


            What does your user profile say for Time Zone?  If you click the username in the user grid it takes to you to a user profile page.  My use has GMT0.

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                I was creating a new on-call assignment as the admin user which i had not edited and changed the time zone to PST.  I edited the admin user and changed the timezone to PST and updated. 


                I tried creating a new on-call assignment as admin and it still said US/Indiana-S... so i logged out of the AC and back in as admin and tried creating a new on-call assignment and it now shows: My Time Zone (US/Pacific-New)


                So may be you need to look at the admin users Time Zone setting.