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    What's on the roadmap for Alert Central?


      I'm dying to know what is on the roadmap for feature releases of Alert Central??


      Will it remain free?  Will there be any major new functionality added soon (such as ability to call cell phones and announce alerts)?

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          nicole pauls

          There are no plans to change the core product offering being free.


          We're taking customer direction to heart for this one. We're hoping to release relatively frequently in the short term, especially compared to other SolarWinds products. I'll put up a What We're Working On post in the Product Blog at some point here, but the highlights:


          In the shortest term, our code heroes (they surely aren't code monkeys) are working on:

          • Supportability enhancements that will help improve your and our ability to troubleshoot issues
          • Resolving lingering beta issues that we didn't pin down in time for release
          • Keeping their eyes (and superhero gadgets) on the forum for new issues that need to be quickly resolved
          • Recording some videos and adding documentation to remove confusion in confusing areas


          On our short list for a follow-up release includes:


          Other items include:



          Disclaimer: This is by no means a promise to deliver on these features in the next release, just what's on our minds right now - we might change our minds, usually based on your feedback, so keep it coming! Keep voting, keep commenting, and keep it real.

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              Awesome!  Exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks!

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                Some nice ideas in there. Particularly the manual validation! Given I am importing from AD I really don't see why the user should have to vaildate the email address since we know it's valid. All the validation does is give a user a way to avoid the alerts!


                One think I would love to see, but which I fear may be pushing my luck a little too far, would be to have some sort of resource available in the core Orion product. At the moment my summary page has a resource showing all the active alerts. As I would like to move all the alert handling to Alert Central it would be nice if I could replace that resource with one generated by AC. Also means one less web page that users would need to have open if they can see their alerts from a page they should be keeping an eye on anyway!


                I'm also hoping that "escalation to a management group" (or similar) is included in the "Providing more notification options"

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                  I am just now implementing Solarwinds NPM+.  I am at the crossroads of how I am going to handle alerts.  We use What's Up Gold paired with Netcool and HP Service Manager now.


                  I like what I see in AC so far, but I am having trouble with some parts.


                  I couldn't get it to work with Lotus Notes, our corporate email system.  I posted a question to Thwack and tried working with our local Notes support but didn't get quick results.

                  I gave up on Notes and tried using a Linux mail system set up for use with Netcool.  That's working now, so far ...


                  Next I got hung up trying to integrate with AD.  I have no trouble tying into AD with the Orion Web Console.  I've posted on the forum and got some feedback, but I am still not working.  Debugging this has been difficult.  Having AC as a virtual appliance distro has made it harder for me to diagnose.  I posted a feature request asking for a Windows dist, but I doubt it will receive much support.  Folks are (rightly) interested in key features like reporting, alerting flexibility, etc.


                  So, back to the cross roads.   I'd like to make AC part of my environment.  The *free* model with forum only support gives me concerns about making this a key part of my production environment.


                  Any thoughts about how/when any of that might change?  Will you be moving to some form of a paid/supported option?  Any estimated time frame?


                  Thanks!  I hope my post doesn't seem overly critical.  You have done some nice work here and are clearly putting in a bunch of effort!  (I guess just like my managers, I too am never satisfied )

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                  Thanks for keeping the information flowing on a product you are offering for free.  I also add my vote for simplifying email validation.  Something else that would be nice to see on the list is integration with Web Help Desk.  We recently purchased it and I will be deploying on 5-31-13.  Since all our on call paging will take place through WHD it would be nice if alert responses\updates were also noted in the corresponding WHD ticket.

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                      Kellie Mecham

                      Hi kjette,


                      Would love to talk to you more about WHD integration, simplifying rule validation and other thoughts you have, as well as see how you use AC in your environment.  We're doing one hour "show me how you use it" sessions where you and several members of the Alert Central product team  get on a GoToMeeting and you show us how you're using it in your environment and talk us through feature requests.  IF you're interested, you can email me directly at kellie.mecham@solarwinds.com and we can set up a session.  Thanks!

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                      I've been spreading the word as best I can, but almost every friend I've spoken with is in an Exchange-only environment and cannot support POP/IMAP. The sooner you add MAPI, the sooner you'll get a flood of people/companies using this (what looks to be) excellent software! :-)