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    Feature request


      It would be nice to a different WHD look and feel. It is too much "apple-like" (I know why and the product history), but in a mainly PC shop, it might be a bit less intuitive for users.

      Maybe you guys can provide different CSS (other than the 4 provided) that would look and feel more like NPM?

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          Are you referring to the client interface or the tech interface? I'm hesitant on major tech interface changes if only because it'd be a big pain with the 400+ techs we have in the system. But if they did it in a way where different CSS could be applied to the tech interface much like it is for the client interface, that'd be pretty cool. It would allow each organization to literally customize WHD.

          EDIT: By the way, you should file this as a Feature Request so that people can vote on it.

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