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    Getting MAC Address from IP and Netflow Module


      Hey All,


      I am trying to track down a rogue DHCP server, I see the IP address in the Netflow monitor but I am unable to find the MAC address in Netflow.  Is there a way to get the MAC from Netflow if I found the IP address?


      I am bit new so I am still feeling my way around.



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          Hey there,


          The MAC address is not stored from NetFlow data in NTA. The Data that is stored in NTA is as follows:


          Field TypeField Type NumberDescription
          IN_BYTES1Ingress bytes counter
          IN_PKTS2Ingress Packets counter
          PROTOCOL4Layer 4 Protocol
          L4_SRC_ PORT7Source TCP/UDP Port
          IPV4_SRC_ADDR8Source IP address
          L4_DST_PORT11Destination TCP/UDP Port
          IPV4_DST_ADDR12Desintation IP address
          OUTPUT_SNMP14SNMP egress interface index


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