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    Features I’d like to see in UDT


        We’ve had UDT for a short time, but I’ve got a few things that I’d dearly love to see in this product. I don’t know if these ideas would resonate with everyone, but suspect that there would be a lot of interest across the UDT community. (Please comment and let me know: I’m interested!)


        The first thing I’d love to see is native implementation of the data integration shown on this blog: HERE as well as linking in the NTA data natively without the need to run custom (And let’s not forget: unsupported) scripts. Currently having to bounce around to check individual status is prohibitive due to the time investment required. Having everything in one pane (AND having it supported by SW) is a critical need in my opinion. While I find UDT to be useful it occasionally feels like I have the ingredients for a cake that I have to put together myself and I’d much rather have the cake made by Orion.


        Second I’d like to see custom properties for UDT so I can make notes on the MAC addresses in UDT. This would be useful for adding notes to MAC’s that might come up with unknown or indirect connections. I know what the device is from the IP, but it would be significantly easier on the staff if there was a custom property where I could note that it’s the LAN connection for device X. As an example I’ve got a Cambria/Motorola Canopy backhaul radio in our network that has a lot of traffic flowing through it. A search for that MAC results in 775 results. Those are ALL non-direct with the majority being indirect connections from other devices ARP tables. It would be much nicer if I could just use a custom property to note that MAC.  (It doesn’t have a direct connect because it’s in a remote site and not directly plugging into a managed switch)


        I’d also like a native implementation of a field for the MAC OUI. A quick search  of the internet found several locations with OUI lists and it would make life a ton easier if I had the information in UDT so I’d know the general make and/or model. An example would be for HP laptops where the wireless NIC is an Intel with OUI of 00:24:D7 and the wired NIC is HP with an OUI of 3C:D9:2B. Admittedly this isn’t perfect since an OUI can cover a lot of gear, but this would be significantly helpful to me. Take the following list and consider how useful it would be to have various brand/models essentially auto-marked by OUI: (I got these from a random HP tech note, I believe I got them sorted correctly but no promises)

        00:03:e3 cisco 7960   
        00:1b:d5 cisco 7965
        00:01:e3 Siemens phone  
        00:03:6b Cisco phone (Generic?)  
        00:03:e3 cisco 7960 
        00:1b:d5 cisco 7965 
        00:60:b9 Philips/NEC phone  
        00:d0:1e Pingtel phone  
        00:e0:75 Polycom phone  
        00:e0:bb 3com phone


        If a field and lookup table isn’t in the cards at least give me a custom property so I can backfill these for myself!


        Lastly I’d like to see a system AD lookup. We put notes in AD for our systems and I have to assume that we’re not the only ones. That would make life significantly easier if those notes were present when looking at systems. OS would also be nice to know since we have a mix of older XP systems. You’ve already got the lookup for the user accounts in place so this doesn’t seem like it would take too much development to implement.  Putting this together with the MAC addresses attached to the DNS name would be another great addition, especially if you could see the MAC notes with it. That would make the system view in UDT significantly more useful.


        Thoughts anyone?