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    NPM Cisco WLC 5508 reporting Thin AP disappeared and all interfaces in warning state


      We have 2 Cisco WLC 5508 that have been installed and running for just about 1 year. They are both running 7.2 with a few FUS applied (

      Since upgrading to 10.3.1 and now 10.4.2, both WLC periodically report that all interface are in a “warning” state. If you SSH to the WLC and/or login to the GUI, no interfaces are down, no SNMP traps regarding any down interfaces and no logs indicating any connectivity issues. It seems that upon the next polling cycle it self clears.  Again, this was happening in 10.3.1 and continues in 10.4.2.

      In addition to this, I randomly see a large number of EVENTS for multiple Thin AP’s as disappearing. Sometimes it reports ALL Thin AP’s, half, 10 etc.. One WLC has 75 registered and the other has 25. I created an alert to email me in the event that the total number of Thin AP’s drops below the expected total. I login to the WLC via SSH and via the GUI and again, not a single loss of connectivity for any of my Thin AP’s.

      Anyone else seeing this? Could it be the MIB’s? Firmware on the WLC? SNMP version related issue? I have a case opened with support for post upgrade related issues, which includes this one.