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    Dependencies makes Availability Reports Inaccurate?


      I have been working on creating an availability report for my management team. For my first phase, I want to provide a report for all of my remote locations which is around twenty of them. The network topology at these sites are very small, it goes from Carrier's Router -> Riverbed -> My Router -> Misc Network Equipment such as switches.


      I am currently ICMP monitoring the IP address on my carrier's router to detect when the network outage is on their equipment as well as SNMP on all of my equipment. I created a group that includes all of my equipment at my site except for the carrier equipment. I then created a dependency that has the Carrier router as the parent and then all of my equipment is the child.


      I first ran a availability report on just the carrier equipment to verify everything would look right, which everything looked right. I then ran a report on the availability of my routers at all of the location and discovered that it does not include any of the downtime from my Carriers Router. For example, the availability of my Carrier Router is at 99.98745%, while my router that sits behind their router is at 99.9991%. The equipment that is sitting behind the Carrier equipment should be at least as low as the carrier and should be even lower if I was having an issue with my equipment at one of my sites.


      I want the dependencies because I want to suppress the alerts but shouldn't all the children of the dependency take on the availability summary of its parent while its down?