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    Third party patch - update metadata only

    Andrew M

      I have a huge (1.5GB) third party patch that I am customizing. Every time I make a modification I have to save it to the patch manager server and then publish it to WSUS. Each of these steps take around 20 minutes since Patch Manager uploads the entire package, even though I've only made a few minor changes to the applicability rules. Is there any way to modify the metadata on a package without re-uploading the entire thing? Additionally, is there any way to add or replace a binary in the package?

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          Lawrence Garvin

          There are two considerations with large packages...

          First, be aware that there is an artificial cap on package size at 384mb. We have a utility that can be used to increase that limit, if you've not already done so.


          Second, where large packages are concerned and you're still working out details on rules.. I would suggest publishing the updates as Metadata Only updates until you get the applicability results you expect, and then you can republish Metadata Only revisions without having to upload the binaries. One note on this -- it requires a hotfix which is included in KB2720211 or KB2734608, so make sure one of those updates is applied to your WSUS server.


          Once you've finalized the metadata, then you can do a Full Publish including the binaries.


          There's also a Content Type called "Revision Only" which should upload only the metadata, not the binaries, but I've not personally used that Content Type in publishing.