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    IPAM Snmp v1 Subnet Scanning Issue


      I had nodes in Orion that were missing from IPAM.  The was marked used due to ICMP, but had no SNMP data.  I finally figured out why. 


      When you setup your SNMP credentials in IPAM it defaults to v2.  There is a checkbox on the page that says V2c only.  I assumed that meant that that it would try V1 as well as V2 unless that checkbox was checked.

      That is NOT what was happening.  I ended up having to create TWO credentials for each community.  One for V1 and one for V2.  I run the V2 first since its more efficient, but I'm not sure it matters when you are just getting SNMPv2 device information.


      I'm not sure that's as expected.  The manual didn't say anything on this that I can remember.  At the very least, I would default to v1 for new credentials since that would work on most devices.  But trying both is the way Orion scans.



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          Hi Dan,

          The IPAM uses the SNMP credentials as “ordered” list and try to connect to device on monitored IP address. If first fails to connect then try second one, etc..

          Therefore it is expected that users will set all credentials and possible combinations of types of SNMP credentials in desired order (in your case v2 before v1) to cover as much devices in network as possible.


          In your case it is right to have two SMP credentials.

          It is best practicee to order them by number of devices in network (to prevent lot of fail tests).


          NOTE: Once the SNMP credential success for particular IP address, it is stored into data storage …

          Next scan will then re-use stored SNMP credential before all other credentials, to reduce network traffic.


          Ondrej Hruska,

          IPAM Dev Team