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    SSH from an Orion NPM 10.4.2 web page link


      I have read about 20 old posts about various ways to kludge the Orion web page/browser/registry/whatever to allow a working SSH link.  I am wondering if someone has more recent concise instructions for making this happen.  We do not have the Orion toolset/integration.


      The lack of this particular functionality has become, for us, one of the most frustrating things about Orion.


      Currently when I click on the "Telnet" link on the node details page in the Advanced Node Details box, my PC launches a Putty telnet window to a node.


      Most of us have moved on to allow only SSH for cli access to our Cisco and other nodes, so it is time to make a change.


      I am looking for the easiest way to make this happen, even if I need to use a different ssh client.  We use Chrome, but are also willing to change browsers if that makes this easier.  We run Windows 7.


      I can launch putty/ssh from a command line on my PC using c:\putty -ssh <ip address>.  I have not been able to get this working as a custom link on a view.


      If you respond referring me to one of the old posts I mentioned reading, please do not do so unless you know if works both as written and currently.