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    License code needed?


      I recently downloaded v16.0.2 FTP Voyager.  I have it configured and working exactly as I want it - I love it.  However, I keep getting a Trial message, and am prompted to register it every time I launch the software.  I have two weeks remaining.  I contacted sales to purchase a license code, and am told that it's now free so I don't need to register it.  I was told to come here for further support.  So - how to I get this registered and working before my trial time runs out?  I've got it doing daily scheduled FTP transfers that I don't want interrupted. Any help would be appreciated.


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          If you go back to the download page and attempt to download again (you shouldn't have to actually complete the download) you'll be prompted for contact info.  Once you provide your email address you'll be sent the key you need.