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    Question on "Optimizing Website" in Configuration Wizard

    Andy McBride

      Hi all,


      I saw another thread in the 10.4 beta forum about this config wiz step. From what I could make of it this step compiles the sites in IIS so that the first web launch is much faster. What I am seeing is every time I install any core product this step runs again. I it really necessary to run this step after you already have core installed? I normally would not worry about this as it is a one time delay, but I'm teaching Orion core products in a classroom and the students roll their eyes each time they encounter this. We install 6 products so it is a bit annoying and my students don't really like my dancing.


      Any insight from SolarWinds would be great. Here is the beta discussion http://thwack.solarwinds.com/message/184173#184173