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    We need your help with an upcoming release! Early beta testers and/or snapshots wanted!

    nicole pauls

      Hey LEM folks,


      Our upcoming release includes a database migration to enable some new features based on customer feedback, including improved archiving (no more full-only backups!) and progressive results graphing in nDepth search to show results more quickly. We're testing the **** out of this process, as you can imagine, but what would make our tests even MORE exhaustive would be to have some additional real customer data to validate against.


      So, what we're looking for are:

      1. Customers willing to provide a copy of your virtual appliance and/or database. We'll provide you a secure file upload location and/or ship you a hard drive that you can copy a snapshot or database archive to. We'll use your database to run our test suite against, generate performance metrics, and make sure your data is all fresh and clean when it comes out the other end.
      2. Customers willing to take a snapshot of their running virtual appliance and create a copy environment where YOU run a beta version of the migration in-house. You'll need enough disk space to run 2 LEM VMs and the willingness to provide us with regular updates (send us debugging data and info about what you're seeing). We'll provide you with beta code that performs the migration and generates plenty of useful logging info.


      In return, I'll don you with the handy "beta tester" badge here on Thwack and hook you up with the associated points. We'll also be able to give you pretty good statistics on how long it'll take to run YOUR data migration when this release is complete.


      If either of these things sound like something you'd be willing to do, reply here on Thwack, direct message me, or e-mail me, and I'll tell you what the next step is.