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    NTA Top Country Can Not filter ?


      Dear All,


      I just log on to demo site of solarwinds NTA.


      I am trying to get top xxx country with filter (exception), ie. exclude country : US.

      On top 5 country chart, the "US" still appear.

      Is it normal ?


      Here with URL on solarwinds demo site :




      NTA FIlter Country.png


      Is possible to do filtering ?




        • Re: NTA Top Country Can Not filter ?

          Hi Rojim,


          I've tried on or test environment and it turn out to be really a bug in NetFlow. It is related to only exclude country situation, exclusion using other filters works fine. Thanks for letting us know. We are now aware of the issue and would like to fix it, but we cannot commit to a specific release or time-frame.