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    Alerting problem on Primary and Failover Routers


      We have primary and failover routers at 100+ different sites.  We obviously want to be alerted if the network at a site goes down.  No matter what, we want to be alerted when a primary router goes down.  Currently, we have all primary and failover routers in the same alert.  However, the problem comes in when a failover router goes down.  What we're looking to do is:


      1. Alert and send an email anytime a primary router goes down (this works just fine)
      2. ONLY send an email when the failover goes down, if the primary is still up.


      I cannot find a way to do this.  Since they are in the same alert, when a failover router goes down, it sends an alert, as well as an email.  The thought did cross my mind to separate them into their own alerts.  However, I assume I would have to link the alerts if I did that (I posted a question earlier today regarding that), and I don't see a way to do that.


      Am I missing something?