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    Anyone Else notice the missing right click toolset off the summary page?


      In previous versions prior to 10.4.1 if you had browser integration enabled you were able to view a modifiable toolset bar when you right clicked on the node.  In our teams case, this allowed quick access to SSH or other custom tools even if the tech didn't have the Engineers Toolkit.  I have been informed by support that this has been removed:

      "The product manager for NPM decided to remove the toolset integration menu
      from web browsers on system with out Toolset installed in NPM 10.4.1.


      The reason behind this decision is so that users
      with out Toolset installed but with browser integration set to yes will stop
      getting prompted to install Toolset via the browser pop up. Calls from users
      about the annoying browser prompt drove the decision. "


      I'm sure I could have each tech load the toolset to gain this toolbar back, but due to ACL restictions most of the tools wouldn't function...  and the cost wouldn't get past management.


      When it comes to support, I thought getting to the issue was the priority.  By removing these tools I feel functionality has been removed, and has slowed down a troubleshooting process.  I would have thought that fixing the issue with the prompt to install the toolset would out weigh removing functionality... there are plenty of resolutions in the knowledge base for that issue.


      Am I the only one being questioned about this missing feature?  I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.....