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    Trial version/Windows 8/No ICMP option




      Like the title suggests, I have the trial version running on windows 8 (pro). For some reason, no matter what I seem to do, I cannot get the ICMP functionality to work. Has anyone else encountered this? The option for ICMP is there but it's greyed out. I also get the message that says-


      "Some of LANsurveyor's features are unavailable. At launch, Lansurveyor sends an ICMP ping/echo request to itself to test your system's settings. A response was not received.


      Therefore, the following features are unavailable:


      *Node discovery via ICMP
      *Poll Lists.


      The likely cause of this problem:


      *You don't have administrator privileges on your network and/or computer.

      *You have a personal firewall (such as Microsoft Windows firewall) blocking ICMP requests."




      I'm confused though. I get this message while being pretty sure I have administrative rights and even when I turn the MS firewall off completely for all profiles. I also can manually ping the loopback address ( and get replies to other nodes that I ping, as well being able to ping the PC that Lansurveyor is installed on.


      Does the trial version exclude ICMP discovery of nodes on the network, or is this a genuine error that I'm encountering?