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    Custom report for dynamic statistics (powershell monitor)


      So I have 10 powershell monitors that each collect 10 different statistics (100 total pieces of info).  These are the current queue depths for a particular application that has 100 queues.  We currently alert if any queue goes over a certain depth.


      What I need to do is write a report that shows the following


      QueueName  CurrentDepth (last statistic pulled)  MinDepth, MaxDepth, AvgDepth (Min Max Avg calculated on the last 30 days)


      Only way I can do this now is a page that has 10 different graphs on it.  I prefer to have it done in a report that can be sorted by one of those particular fields perhaps Avg descending.


      I've tried the report writer but it was useless for a multiple statistic monitor and I tried digging into the DB itself to find a way to write a custom query.  Both failed miserably .