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    Grouping Subnets Together...  The problem with folders.


      I have many sites that have subnets that are not part of a contiguous supernet.  For sanity sake, I'd like to group these together for the site.  That would require a folder.  BUT, folders make finding a subnet very difficult;

      1. The problem is that moving a subnet away from its parent supernet makes finding it difficult.  Maybe a new record type of "pointer"  would allow you to find the moved subnet/supernet.


      Another problem is that supernets sort before subnets sort.  So if you have a mixture of supernets and subnets under a supernet, they don't sort in numberical order...  Supernets come first.  To overcome that, I put every location subnet in a supernet.  What a pain!


      One thought I had was to have a switch that would hide all groups and supernets.  Now all subnets would be listed in IP order.  That would be great if you know the IP address you are after.

      Even better is to search using the IP, and have the search tell you subnet, supernet, and groups the IP belongs to!


      I think you assumed that people would be searching for IP details, but that is normally done in NPM.  I'm usually searching for subnets, and then make reservations for IPs I'm assigning before they are found during a scan.