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    Report results differ between report writer and website


      I created a custom report in the report designer to give me all the times for a particular node that packet loss was greater than 0 in the last 48 hours. I gave it a name specific to the location and device, and put in my custom reports group then saved it. When I run the preview in report designer it gives me what I expect which is a few pages with one column listing specific dates and times, and a second column that list the percent packet loss at that time. Everthing is good. However, when I go to my orion website and select the report from the reports page, it shows only one or two data points. I logged back in to the server and verified through report designer that it was still set as I had intended. I also tried opening the text file for the sql report and verifying that it looks like what I set up in the designer.


      Does the website ignore some of the report design when running its reports? Any idea why this happens?