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    Installing custom package issues.


      Hello Thwack!


      Im looking to install a custom pkg with the SW PM. My issue is that PM will show me 100% complete for all steps ( even the installed step ), but when you check the target PC the software is not installed. Anyone have ideas on this matter? Thanks in advanced for any help!


      Also in my Update log on the PC, it shows that I am using an older version of the pkg; I have republished, synced, and refreshed my wsus several times in PM to gain the most recent version. Is there something else I should be doing to garuntee the most recent version is being used?:


      2013-02-20 09:55:28:970 1060 774 Agent   *   UpdateId = {998044E2-D194-4F8C-8067-B16889368862}.9

      2013-02-20 09:55:31:330 1060 774 DnldMgr WARNING: Preparing update for install, updateId = {998044E2-D194-4F8C-8067-B16889368862}.9 (using payload from revision 8).

      2013-02-20 09:55:31:955 2412 978 Misc ===========  Logging initialized (build: 7.6.7600.256, tz: -0500)  ===========

      2013-02-20 09:55:31:955 2412 978 Misc   = Process: C:\WINDOWS\system32\wuauclt.exe

      2013-02-20 09:55:31:955 2412 978 Misc   = Module: C:\WINDOWS\system32\wuaueng.dll

      2013-02-20 09:55:31:955 2412 978 Handler :::::::::::::

      2013-02-20 09:55:31:955 2412 978 Handler :: START ::  Handler: Command Line Install

      2013-02-20 09:55:31:955 2412 978 Handler :::::::::

      2013-02-20 09:55:31:955 2412 978 Handler   : Updates to install = 1

      2013-02-20 09:55:36:814 2412 978 Handler   : Command line install completed. Return code = 0x00000000, Result = Succeeded, Reboot required = false

      2013-02-20 09:55:36:814 2412 978 Handler :::::::::

      2013-02-20 09:55:36:814 2412 978 Handler ::  END  ::  Handler: Command Line Install

      2013-02-20 09:55:36:814 2412 978 Handler :::::::::::::

      2013-02-20 09:55:36:814 1060 750 AU Triggering Offline detection (non-interactive)

      2013-02-20 09:55:36:814 1060 774 Agent *********

      2013-02-20 09:55:36:814 1060 750 AU #############


      I have made the pkg to the following specs:


           Update/Package ID:    998044e2-d194-4f8c-8067-b16889368862
         Update Type:    Software
         Download URL:    file:///Y:/Admin/Apps/WS_FTP_Pro_V12/wsftppro12.2_English_SN244UT8WF1BYKMB0K82CAKU2.exe
         Command Line Arguments:    -s -a
         Package Type:    Command Line Installation (.exe)
         KB ID:   
         Security Bulletin ID:   
         CVE ID:   
         Severity:    Low
         Classification:    Tools
         Creation Time:    2/14/2013 9:40:30 AM
         Supported Languages:    English
         Downloaded:    Yes
         Package Size:    18.83 (MB)
         SHA1 Digest:    YYNKGf2bPmf9A5CXTyjntNRl09E=
         Source File Last Modified:    8/2/2010 7:46:35 AM
         Last Modified:    2/20/2013 9:52:25 AM
         Arrival Date:    2/14/2013 2:46:19 PM
         Direct Download:    Yes
         Uses Package Boot:    No
         Metadata Only:    No


      RULES : Prerequisite = English

      Applicability: XP sp1 or greater

      Installed: File exists ' program file\IPswitch

        • Re: Installing custom package issues.
          Lawrence Garvin

          The Windows Update Agent reports back a successful installation (as opposed to a failed installation) based on the Success Return Code offered up by the installer.


          The Windows Update Agent reports back the *Installed* update status based on the evaluation of the Installed Ruleset in the package.


          If the WUAgent is launching an installer, and it reports the installation as successful, but it wasn't, this is typically a result of failing to properly trap the return codes (or the installer not providing the proper return codes). In the instant case it appears that the installer is returning a Success Code of zero, which the WUAgent interprets as a successful installation. It's up to the vendor to document their return codes, and those return codes should match the specifications for the installer on the third screen of the Package Wizard.


          As for the message about the 'older revision', this happens because a *revision* only involves a change in the metadata for an update package, but does not involve a change in the associated binary (installer). As a result, the WUAgent knows that it can continue to use the binaries already downloaded for an earlier revision because binaries do not change in a revision. This is merely an informative message, not an error.


          If the binaries did change, it is necessary to expire the original package and publish a *new* package with a new UpdateID.