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    Unable to configure Snmp in Aix 6.1


      Hi Everyone,


      I am new to Linux/Aix monitoring and would like to have SNMP work on AIX machines. I tried couple of Web reference,videos and i am still unable to figure out.


      Could someone please help me with the configuration it will be helpful.



      trap $hcr00T! 1.2.3 fe # loopback
      community $hcr00T! readOnly
      # ifconfig -a
              inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
               tcp_sendspace 262144 tcp_recvspace 262144 rfc1323 1
              inet netmask 0xff000000 broadcast
              inet6 ::1%1/0
               tcp_sendspace 131072 tcp_recvspace 131072 rfc1323 1


      The IP i am trying to configure SNMP is

      Solarwinds Server is

      Could someone please help me with the configuration.

      Thanks. , npm