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    Missing addresses in /29 Subnet


      I have some subnets that are missing addresses in the subnet that are not part of a DHCP Scope.  These subnets may have been created by a discovered and added Scope.  Here's a video of the issue: 2013-02-18_Vulcan - DanSmart's library



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          Maybe I was not clear.  When you click the subnet in the navigation panel on the left, the broadcast IPs and IPs that don't have a DHCP scope associated ARE NOT LISTED.  See the video I posted.

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              If you need to fill missing IP addresses you can use "Add IP range" functionality and just enter starting and ending IP address of subnet. It will put there missing IP addresses from desired range.


              May I ask how you create subnets? Were they created automatically when DHCP server was added or did you use subnet allocation wizard or import or were they manually created?


              Basically the IP addresses from dynamic range of scope are automatically added during scan of DHCP server.

              The addresses are added into empty subnets (means subnets without IP addresses), or they are re-added if they are deleted manually.


              The situation as is on the video is probably the result of re-adding dynamic IP ranges from scopes into empty subnet(s) after DHCP server scan.