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    Why is my patch "Not Applicable"


      I'm deploying a customised Flash Player update and find a machine that has a status of 'Not Applicable'. So I read through the applicability rules and compare them to the settings on the machine and find that the rules for the update do apply. This patch should attempt to install.


      So, is there a detailed log somewhere that identifies why this patch is not applicable.

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          Lawrence Garvin

          There is not, Phil.


          What 'customizations' did you make to the Flash update?


          In my experience, if the WUAgent evaluates an update as Not Applicable, it's because one of the Prerequisite Rules or one of the Applicability Rules has returned an authoritative FALSE value.

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              That's a shame. I guess that's a WSUS limitation.

              The customisations were purely extra files. No changes to the rules.

              Your experience is good, there was a reason for the 'not applicable' status.

              In re-installing the older version of the Flash Player, I chose the plugin version not the active-x.

              And being as my custom package was an upgrade of the active-x version ....

              Thanks for your help.