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    Adding Resources to a View - Timeouts



      Whenever I try to create a new view or add resources to an existing view, clicking on the "+" to bring up the available resources page takes forever and more often than not, times out with an error.  Is there any way around this, such as reorganizing the folders or files in a specific way?  Any idea why this happens?  I assume it's because there are so many resources that the server has trouble parsing them all to display.

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          Jan Pelousek

          Hi bleearg,


          just a question: Is the problem permanent? I assume your NPM version is NPM 10.3.1 or older (in NPM 10.4 and newer this shouldn't happen). It happens because when you hit the + first time, the add resource page is being compiled. This means if you try to repeat the action after several minutes, the page should load properly. Since NPM 10.4 the website precompilation is performed during Configuration wizard (after installation phase).


          If you are still experiencing the same problem and have no luck with adding resource, please open the support ticket for deeper investigation of the problem.




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            I know this post is quite old, but we have run across the same problem in NPM 11.0.1.  We did find an knowledgebase Solarwinds article for NPM 10.5 that speaks to this issue.




            The /Orion/ folder and all of its contents were missing from the C:/ProgramData/Solarwinds/ for us.  I believe the file that is needed is the "WebResourceCache.xml" (located within the Orion folder).


            To fix the issue:

            • We Manually created the Orion folder in C:/ProgramData/Solarwinds/
            • Reran the auto-magical Solarwinds Configuration Wizard
            • Checked the webpage Checkbox and followed the prompts to reinstall.
            • Reboot


            After this process; we noticed that the aforementioned XML file was still missing, but the "/reporting.tempfiles/" folder was now appearing within the C:/ProgramData/Solarwinds/Orion/


            We logged back into the webgui and navigated to the add resource section.

            It took longer than expected but the add resource selection columns did finally appear

            WebResourceCache.xml file appeared in the above directory at the same time as the add resource section was displayed


            Hope this helps,