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    NPM 10.4.1 List Resources only shows Loopback adapter and Teamed NIC


      I'm not sure exactly when this started, but I have noticed recently that nodes with Teamed NICs only seem to be showing the Teamed NIC and the local loopback adapter in List Resources for the node. The screenshots below show a specific Node that was monitored prior to teaming the nics.  Notice that HP NC7782 adapter is green and in an 'UP' status.  When I list resources on the node, that adapter is not on the list ... only the Teamed adapter.  Why?  It appears that this is the case for all of our other servers that we have recently teamed.


      Manage Nodes - Windows Internet Explorer_2013-02-15_09-41-18.jpg


      List Resources - Windows Internet Explorer_2013-02-15_09-42-01.jpg

      This appears to only apply to Windows 2000 and 2003 servers.  Windows 2008 servers still list all of the network adapters.


      Anyone else notice this?


      Solarwinds Case #439775.