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    SMS alerting from NPM - advice please


      Dear All,


      I’m struggling to find a working solution for SMS alerting from NPM. These are my requirements:


      • Must be compatible with Windows 2008 R2 (and NPM, obviously).
      • No external dependencies, other than the Vodafone UK carrier network.
      • Should be compatible with PageGate (unless you can find a better solution which works with NPM).
      • Must be enterprise grade (the below are only for testing).     


      I’ve tried a couple of different Vodafone USB 3G dongles on a test VM using ESXi USB pass-thru, but can’t get any of them to install the modem component correctly.

      I’ve looked at external SMS providers, but have concerns over cost, given our current load of emails. These also only seem to support SMTP as a method of inbound delivery, which I don’t want (unless they support a heartbeat check system).


      SNPP/WCTP looks like a possibility, if Vodafone UK would support them. They do support TAP, but does this mean I have to attach a 56k modem to a VM?


      I then started looking at push notifications, but can’t find any ready-made solutions for BES.


      Has anyone got any suggestions? Ideally, I'd just want to send an SMS straight from the NPM server.