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    Are you making the move to Windows Server 2012?


      Interesting enough, most Windows administrators that I've talked to are immediately turned off by the user experience presented by Windows Server 2012. It’s a very different graphical interface on the surface, and boasts a whole host of changes that an administrator must first tackle before they can become effective at being an administrator. Similar comments were echoed with Windows 8’s “metro UI” feeling and the live tiles.


      However, Server 2012 boasts a large number of improvements over the previous server OS: 2008 R2. For the virtualization buffs out there, it sports the latest flavor of Hyper-V, in addition to having a much improved Task Manager. It also sports ReFS (Resilient File System), which allows for massive volume sizes and the “allocation on write” update system.


      Another potential "gotcha" barrier to adoption is the need for the infamous Service Pack 1 on any Microsoft OS prior to implementing in Production. A model of letting “other folks” go through the pain of being bleeding edge, and then pushing a patched and renewed version out to your environment.


      So, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this!


      What do you find yourself thinking when you anticipate the move to Server 2012? The new GUI, improvements, waiting for SP1, or something else?

      Have you started toying around with the 2012 OS yet, beefing up your knowledge and sharpening your skills? Is it too early, too late, or the right time?


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