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    Customer Portal License Management Page Redesign

    Matthew Crawford

      Currently, we are prepping the release of the redesign of the License Management page within the Customer Portal. Visually, there are significant changes to make navigating to the most important information related to your licenses quicker and easier and to lay the framework for adding additional types of licenses to the portal in the future.


      You will notice immediate differences, but don't worry! All of the functionality that you have come to know and be familiar with is still there, and this write-up will serve to walk you through the following common processes on the new page:

      Downloading Licenses

      Checking Maintenance Status, Renewing, and Adding to Budget Calculator

      Reviewing License Registration Details

      Retrieving License Activation Keys

      Manually Registering Licenses


      There are obviously man other functions that the license management page can be used for, but these are the highlights that will be covered here.


      Downloading Licenses:

      OLD PAGE:


      license management page old 3.png

      NEW PAGE:

      On the new page, it is much easier to view multiple products at one time with the collapse view and to quickly download the files for your products at a glance.

      license management page new choose download.png

      Checking Maintenance Status:


      OLD PAGE:


      license management page old 2.png

      NEW PAGE:


      You can now get at a glance maintenance information grouped together in a more intuitive fashion. If you own more than one license of a product, you can also click on the license row to expand it, and select individual licenses to renew directly on the license management page. This is depicted in the second screen capture below. After selecting licenses, use the gray bar to proceed to the renew maintenance page and to the cart or to the Renewal Budget Calculator to estimate costs of renewals for your licenses.


      maintenance renewal new page.png


      Reviewing License Registration Details:

      OLD PAGE:


      license management page old unregistered.png

      NEW PAGE:


      You can quickly review the registration status using the Registered? column. This will give you at-a-glance views into whether one or more of your licenses are registered for a single product. Additionally, registration keys or registered user information is available in this view as well. In the second screenshot, depicting a registered license, under the Registered? column clicking "See Details" will show you a view of the full registration details associated with the license.


      In this example, I am displaying a Backup Profiler license, but similar functionality exists for all licenses, including seat based products such as Dameware or Web Help Desk. The view is altered for the seat based view for those products, however.


      license management page new manually register.png


      license management page new view details.png

      Retrieving License Activation Keys:

      This process was covered briefly above. On the old license management page, your key was stored near the registration details. The same is true today, but we have worked to make it easier to find by making the license displays simpler to read for unregistered and registered licenses.


      Manually Registering Licenses and Documentation Links:


      If your license is not registered, in the Registered? column, No, will be displayed as the status. Next to this, if eligible for offline activation, the Manually Register License link will be displayed. Clicking this link will take you through the familiar Manual Registration flow.


      You can access all documentation links for a certain product at the bottom of that product's license block. This includes Release Notes, Upgrade Instructions, Product Documentation, etc.


      license management page new view expanded.png


      Why did we make these changes to the page. There are a number of reasons. Our product family continues to expand, and more customers own multiple SolarWinds products than ever before. We are working to make the license management page useful and intuitive for the entire customer base and for all of our products and license types. In order to continue to do this, we needed to make some big updates. The page as it exists today can be cumbersome at times, difficult to view the information for multiple licenses, hard to see at-a-glance what you own, etc. We cannot fix everything, but we can try to fix most of it!


      This redesign will also lay the framework for continued product line expansion in the future. We also plan to continually tweak and improve on the design over time to make the page easier to use. All of the information you need and have had access to in the past is still available, but the way it is organized and presented has changed. In some cases, the change is minimal. In others, drastic. That is why this quick guide has been provided. Please give the page some time to become the norm. It may take a bit of getting used to!


      WHAT'S NEXT?


      We are working continually to improve the experience for our customers in the portal, and we have some big plans for how to continue to do this. Stay tuned, and we should have some more announcements coming soon about improvements that will make your experience with the Customer Portal even smoother, more intuitive and more valuable.