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    NEEDED USER ACCOUNT/PASSWORD CHANGES - Feature Request - Please Vote!

    Sohail Bhamani

      Hello fellow Thwackziens and SolarWinds users.  We all love our SolarWinds products for sure but also know there are numbers of features which if added could really make the platform a true "BigBoy" player in the market.  A good number of these opportunities for enhancement lie within the antiquated orion user accounts and the ability for us SW admins and users to manage them.  Many of you probably use AD, but for those clients who can not, the options for any type of security for user accounts is basically non-existent. 


      I have seen the power of Thwack and the agility of SolarWinds in response to things the community is vocal about (web based custom property editor and the release of NPM 10.4.1 come to mind) and thus this is the point of this post.  I am requesting you guys to take a minute and go vote for the following feature request:




      Thanks for your time and vote!  We can make a difference and who better to share our thoughts than the actual users and admins of these products.


      Sohail Bhamani

      Loop1 Systems