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    Unpredictable IPAM Subnet tree UI


      The Subnet tree on the left side of the Manage Subnet page is very unpredictable, and often frustrating.

      Many times when you open a supernet, edit a supernet, or drop a subnet in a supernet, the cursor focus will skip  to some random spot on the tree.  Not every time, but many times. 

      I created a video of what it looks like when this happens:  ipam-inteface - DanSmart's library


      Note that there seems to be two lines that are highlighted.  That seems to be another problem.  You need to click the item twice to get the focus only on that one line.  If you click edit without clicking twice it edits two items.

      Also when the cursor focus jumps, it seems to jump to the other highlighted item.  Not necessarily random.


      Dragging subnets is very tedious, Since you have to hover right at the top border to get the screen to move: Not too high or too low, and you have to wiggle the mouse.

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          Hello smartd,


          We have investigated the above cases in our environment and we could re-produce them. We have raised FogBugz cases for the same.


          Details of the Fog bugz cases:


          FB 215624 Edit Multiple Groups box is displayed instead of Edit subnet box

          Scenario 1:

          1.       Create a new supernet and subnet in Group A

          2.       Select a subnet in Group B

          3.       Now expand the supernet in Group A

          4.       Focus jumps back to the subnet in Group B.


          Scenario 2:

          1.       Cont. to Scenario 1, in order to select the subnet under the expanded supernet, user has to double-click on the subnet


          FB 215632 Focus Jumps back to already selected subnet when user expands newly created supernet

          Scenario :

          1.       Create a supernet in Group A

          2.       Select a subnet in Group B

          3.       Click on edit button

          4.       ‘Edit multiple groups’ box is displayed




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