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    install problem


      Hello everyone! Please excuse my newb-ness, this is my first time here. I need help understanding Dameware 9. I was given the task of continuing how we remote into users, but I'm running into an issue.


      Here's what I'm working with...


      6 technician pc's (windows 7 64bit) with Dameware 7.5 installed. All the users we remote into were pre-configured to include Dameware 7.5 mini remote and dll files under windows\syswow64. When we remote in, there's no issue.


      We have now upgraded to Dameware 9. I updated my technician pc to the new version, but am noticing that 9 out of 10 users, I can remote in without upgrading the mini remote control. I would like to be able to update the users. Would it be easier to remove previous Mini remote Control dll's from syswow64 of the users pc and copy over Dameware 9 files? Can I still do that or have things changed?