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    Quick question from Profiler newbie


      I'm hoping someone can provide me a quick answer...


      I recently was dumped into a mid sized Profiler environment after a co-worker left and I've been trying to clean it up without having the time to research or bring myself completely up to speed yet.  I noticed in one of the help pdf files I read that there is a 'network discovery' section where I can discover systems I want to add to the Profiler environment and deploy agents, etc.  When I go under the 'Getting Started' section and look under 'Adding Devices and Applications' there is no such choice for me to do a discovery as shown in the help document.  Is there another module or add-on that I need to obtain this capability? I'm using version 5.3.1 of the product and I need to add at least 100+ devices consisting of Windows and AIX hosts along with multiple arrays.


      Any help would be appreciated!


      Thanks, John

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          My guess is that you a more familiar with Orion's Sonar discovery and were looking for something equivalent in Storage Manager. The Network Discovery pattern was only for adding storage arrays to Storage Manager, and would not have assisted you in adding your servers. Network discovery is no longer in the product as of 5.3.1. It was replaced with the new Add a Device Wizard for SMI-S arrays.


          To monitor your physical servers, you will have to install agents on all the servers you wish to monitor. The agents are self-registering with the Storage Manager server.

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