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    Thanks for loosing all my Custom Properties, and Eliminating it from ADD and Manage NODE


      Ive used Solarwinds NPM (begining with 8,0)\

      Since 2006, we developed our network monitoring was designed to be based on the custom propertes SITE CODE (Geographic and Type of Node) and OWNER.Specific groups Web Views.


      The last step before completing the add node, was to fill out all the custom properties for that device, for that Node at that Site.

      Each new Site has one or more NODES, inside a NODE is as many as 24 separate devices added manually, and needed.



      Contact MANY


      Department MANY

      Model ( needed to inventory how many Cisco 6509s there are as apposed to Cisco 4948s)

      Owner (Web Veiw for those folks EMEA, APAC, LATAM, DOM US and LAB) we do this because the EMEA folks don't want to look at APAC etc, etc)}

      Site Code (Speciifc designator that goes along with the sites naming conventions) i.e., Downers Grove Ill, is DNG but the first PIP node there is DNGMP1, DNGMP2 etc



      We now have a large amount of devices reporting as UKNOWN when before they were inside a site and inside a web view.


      Now that is no Longer in the ADD NODE Process, Just to give you an idea how badly this effects us.

      There are 2 other systems using our database and the Custom Properties Such as Model, of which there are several types for the same thing, Like Juniper Firewalls, 208, 550, 5200, 5500

      Then we have 20 Acme Packet SBCs at each NEW site, I do not have the time, to do this individually, And your new means to create a Custom Property, is not straigt forward and who has time to learn new stuff anyway.

      OVER 1,300 devices worldwide, LOST the ability to use the PREVIOUSLY assigned Custom Properties,.


      Here;s a break down.

      CHT is a Site, but there are 3 VoIP nodes of different types

      MP1 is the first 1 gig PIP

      MP2 is the 2nd

      SN1 is a 10Gig node

      No longer assign this SITE CODE Value  or any of the others listed above

      The DNG site has 4 SITE CODES, and it's that way in the entire network,.


      example of nodes.bmp

      Here is one device from one view. there are now THOUSANDS missing

      Webview cust prop.bmp



      Thanks for UPGRADING.



      Verizon Voice Over IP and VCenter Planning.