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    Move file after upload automatically


      I have a situation where I will FTP a file to a folder and then need to move it to another folder on the remote server. I have seen the automatic rename function and have tried testing this on my own network but it does not appear that I can rename a file where I can specify a file path in the automatic rename function. I would have to do this automatically through the scheduler.

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          I also need to be able to move a remote file to another folder for archiving purposes. In my case after a successful download. It seems that this is the only item on my extensive to-do-list that FTP Voyager cannot accomplish.


          So I have hade to work around the problem by creating the following tasks;

          Move Down file(s) to a temporary folder in the target folder

          Upload file(s) from temporary folder to remote archive folder

          Run External Program to move files from temporary folder to target folder


          I use at batch file for the last operation:


          @ECHO OFF

          set CurrentDir=%~dp0

          SET WorkingDir=%1
          IF NOT DEFINED WorkingDir GOTO :SYNTAX

          SET FileType=%2

          PUSHD %WorkingDir%
          MOVE /Y *.%FileType% ..
          PUSHD %CurrentDir%
          Goto :Exit

          ECHO Please specify working directory and file extension
          ECHO MoveOrders 1 2
          ECHO Where 1 is the directory to move from.
          ECHO Where 2 is file extension.



          I call this file with parameters "temporary folder" "file type"

          It then simply moves the files from the temporary folder and one level up, which is my target folder.


          This works, but I would really like to se an option to move downloaded file(s) in the Donload Action.

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              Voyager doesn't support the ability to 'Move' files after transfer.  Could either of you elaborate on why you need to move the file vs. just transferring the file to what ultimately should be the final destination folder?




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                  In my case it is a requirement of the FTP host. They have “sweepers” that go into the main folder and retrieve everything. They want you to place your files in a temporary folder first and then move it to the new folder.


                  Not saying that I agree with the logic, but that is their requirement.

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                    Hi Craig,


                    For me, it's about archiving. We need to download a copy of a file (web site order) from the web site service provider, and then archive the downloaded file in a folder on the remote site. This is for security and tracking purposes.


                    The only possible way to securely achieve this, is for us to move the file after a successful download. Hence my workaround quoted further up.