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    Dedicated poller for NTA? Thoughts?


      Orion Core 2012.2.0, SAM 5.2.0 SP1, NPM 10.4, NTA 3.10.0, WPM 2.0.0, IVIM 1.5.0


      Hi folks,


      Been having some discussions with our network folks about expanding our NTA scope. Currently we receive Netflow from about 20 interfaces and performace is good. We have a dedicated poller for the network guys and it does NPM, APM plus the Netflow traffic. It's also the main SNMP trap destination and processes quite a volume of traps daily. The network guys want to add another 100 or so interfaces to NTA. My feeling is while performance looks ok now, adding 100 more interfaces to NTA may be pushing it somewhat. Current vital statistics from that poller look like this:


      Polling Completion99.97
      Network Node Elements900
      Volume Elements605
      Interface Elements2026
      Polling Rate18% of its maximum rate


      So not bad overall. I know this is a "how long is a piece of string" type question, but what are other folks doing out there with regards to Netflow? Are you using dedicated pollers for your Netflow traffic? How many interfaces are you getting per poller? What sort of traffic volumes are workable for shared or dedicated pollers?


      All help appreciated!