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    Configuration Data collection failure


      We are testing out Virtualization Manager 5.1 and most of it is working great, however, we're unable to get the Datastores for our VMware 4.1U1 environment to show up. I checked the logs on the appliance and I'm seeing a ton of these events:


      17:27:05,013 [ViSdkExecutor-17]  WARN com.hyper9.data_collection.visdk.jobs.SampleJob:1318 - 1544 - 27c5c373-3566-4603-b4fd-c1995dc17f51 - xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -  No meta data for Datastore     (where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the ip of our vCenter server)

      17:27:39,177 [Spring-Event-1600]  WARN com.hyper9.service.configitem.IndexManager:736 - No configuration document exists for Datastore bdb47daf-947a-4ebf-b481-79f9a6546517 - sample injection aborted.

      17:28:10,725 [ALERT THREAD]  WARN com.hyper9.storage.config.cache.ConfigItemGraphBuilder:150 - Child Datastore document 7e0c648f-662c-43f4-95b3-35bd2ba9ba9a could not be loaded for Cluster


      Any idea on what we may be missing here? The account we're using to scan has admin privileges to vCenter, including datastores. I've also restarted the virtual appliance. All other data seems to be fine, just missing datastores.