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    Unable to obtain unique machine ID




      I've been attempting to get the Engineer's Toolset installed and registered, and have an issue that I'm hoping someone here can help resolve.


      Here are the specifics:


      *Note that this system is on an isolated network (no internet access) and, due to classification restrictions, can never be connected to the internet.*


      Due to the time period that this set of licenses was purchased, our Toolset licenses are out of maintenance and, due to funding, probably won't ever be renewed.


      Engineer's toolset v10.0 was installed on a machine in early January.  I attempted to register it with an available license.  At that time, I was able to get a unique machine ID.  The toolset was installed to my domain profile on an XP SP3 system.

      Apparently I mistyped the ID when attemtpign to register it, and the .lic file did not work.

      We performed a site-wide hardware upgrade on all machines EXCEPT the one that had the Toolset installed.  Due to using that system as the baseline image for all of the new machines, I removed the Toolset (it wasn't registered anyway).

      After the upgrade was complete, I attempted to reinstall the Toolset.  It installed fine, and immediately prompted me to register.  I selected the manually register, and pressed next.  When I pressed the Copy Machine ID button, I got an error stating "Unique Machine ID could not be obtained".

      I uninstalled, deleted all remaining files, and reinstalled, same result.  I installed it on a Windows Server 2003 machine (that had never had the Toolset installed), and have the exact same indications.


      The only differences between the initial installation back in January and the one I have just performed are:

      1.  The system has a new name

      2.  The system has more RAM

      3.  The system has a second NIC (for access to a management VLAN)

      4.  The system has new video cards

      5.  The toolset was installed for All Users, whereas the first time it was installed was for my personal domain account.


      Any help would be much appreciated.

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          So, it has been a week, and I've gotten no replies one way or another.  I can only assume that either no one has any ideas for me to work with, or no one has read this.


          I am working on the assumption that it is a permissions issue, as when I attempt to launch any of the tools from the toolset, the process starts, and then terminates.

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            Lawrence Garvin

            You'll need to open a ticket with Customer Service to get the existing activation removed. Activations are tied to a machine name, so since the machine name has changed the original activation code is no longer usable. Once your license for ET v10 has been de-activated, you can log into the Customer Portal and create a new offline activation.