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    Report showing only ports with more than 2 MACs

    j sachs

      Can someone please help me figure out how to only report on those interfaces that have more than two MACs?


      SELECT  TOP 10000 UDT_AllEndPoints.ConnectedTo AS ConnectedTo,
      UDT_AllEndPoints.PortNumber AS PortNumber,
      UDT_AllEndPoints.IPAddress AS IPAddress,
      UDT_AllEndPoints.MACAddress AS MACAddress,
      UDT_AllEndPoints.Hostname AS Hostname,
      UDT_AllEndPoints.VLAN AS VLAN,
      Nodes.NodeID AS NodeID,
      UDT_AllEndPoints.ConnectionTypeName AS ConnectionTypeName,
      UDT_AllEndPoints.PortID AS PortID,
      UDT_AllEndPoints.ConnectionType AS ConnectionType

      UDT_AllEndPoints INNER JOIN Nodes ON (UDT_AllEndPoints.NodeID = Nodes.NodeID)

        (UDT_AllEndPoints.VLAN = 100) AND
        (UDT_AllEndPoints.PortNumber LIKE '%Gi%')