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    Dr. Balmer, or How I learned to stop worrying and Disable UAC in Windows 2012



      So Microsoft and Steve Balmer in their infinite wisdom have decided to force the METRO UI on us lowly Windows Administrators.  Not only is 2012 a pain to navigate but there are some other special gotcha's in side of it also.  Remember in server 2003 when Windows Firewall was introduced and we would all just disable it and go on with our lives knowning that Cisco ASA would protect us?  Remember how you had to have Windows firewall enabled to enable RDP to a server in 2008 R2?  Well guess what kids? If you want to build a Hyper-V cluster or any kind of cluster in 2012, you have to leave the Windows Firewall service running and just manually tell it to not do anything.


      The other issue I have with 2012 is the fact that it now forces that wonderful "are you sure are you sure are you sure" feature Microsoft deployed when Vista/Server 2008 came out known as User Access Control.  User Access Control got a bit of an upgrade in 2012 that affects us in the Solarwinds world.  How so you say?  Well, first off, let me tell you if you want to poll a box via WMI polling, you won't be able to if User Access Control is enabled.  "But Joe, the slider is all the way to the bottom."  Yes yes it is, but that does not disable it.  You see, Balmer and Co rolled out the Metro UI and integrated it with UAC.  Anytime I try and poll a 2012 server that has the slider all the way to the bottom (even after a restat) NPM cannot pass the credential to it.


      "Well what are we supposd to do then?" Disable UAC completely of course! How do you do that? Well editing the registry.


      Location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System


      Key: EbableLUA


      Value data: 0


      After you edit that key, restart your target server and you should be able to monitor a server via WMI.  Then high-5 Steve Balmer for forcing this on us.