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    Solar Winds - Single graph of interfaces on a switch




      This is my first time using SolarWinds Orion NPM so please forgive any terminology mix ups. We are on NPM 10.2.1 and I need to make a custom dashboards but I am finding harder than I expected.


      Essentially I just need a Combobox which shows all the switches in our data center and once selected we should see a chart (1hr/24hr/7 day selectable) of the bandwidth of the interfaces network utilization. Ideally all the interfaces could be overlayed int he same chart.


      Anyone have a similar walk through on how to do this?

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          This is usually within the standard views.  In the Orion Summary Home, you have a node list of all monitored switches, routers, servers, etc that you are monitoring.  When you select any of these, you'll be taken to the Node Details page.  On there is a custom object chart or multi-series chart.  You can edit this and choose all interfaces on the node, and choose inbound utilization.  You'd then click submit.  To get outbound utilization, you'd go to customize page (on the top right), in the next page click the + on column 2, add a similar chart as you just configured, move it up under the first chart with the arrows on the column, click submit, then edit that chart and use the same selection for interfaces specific to the node, and use outbound utilization.  Unfortunately in NPM currently you have to use 2 charts to do this.



          Matthew Harvey