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    Packageboot to Run a Batch File


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      I am using Patch Manager to upgrade Firefox versions. I have always done my best to NOT leave behind Desktop shortcuts in the All Users and Public Desktops. I have attempted to use an INI file but cannot get it to run the installs. I am condsidering just using a Batch File to remove the icons after the install completes. Is this possible? Can Packageboot use cmd.exe and run the file? Has anyone done so successfully? Thanks.

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          I also use patch manager to update Firefox and use config.ini to prevent the creation of shortcuts and the install of the maintenance service. The problem I ran into with using the ini file was that relative paths absolutely would not work. I couldn't even use environment variables. My environment is consistent enough that I could use the direct path to C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download\Install. If that is not the case for you, you have a couple options. You can run a batch file you include in the package by calling cmd.exe /c %modulepath%\YourScript.bat. You could also just add the commands directly to package boot instead of having to include a batch file. You will likely need to add more actions to package boot but the advantage is being able to review the exact actions your package is taking within your patch manager console and not having to include any additional files.