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    Inventory task options





      Recently we ran into a problem with our inventory tasks pulling duplicate machines causing our license count to be exceeded. I got the above link as a response to try and correct our problem, but when I try to edit the scheduled task the option to "only include computers that have a reported time" is greyed out. I tried deleting the task and creating a new one and it's still greyed out. If anyone can assist with this problem it would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.



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          Lawrence Garvin

          The option to "only include computers that have a reported time" is only available when a task is targeted to a WSUS Target Group (the WSUS Last Reported Time is used), or the task is targeted to an AD Domain or OrgUnit (the Domain Computer Account Password Reset Date is used).


          If that information does not resolve the issue, posting a screenshot of your Computer Selection Rule Management dialog may help me get a better idea of what may be contributing.