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    Virtual Application Servers (vApps) - A Blessing or a Curse?


      One of the easiest ways for a vendor to provide an application to you or your organization is through a virtual application offering: think VMware Appliances or even Turnkey solutions. Often the virtual application will sit on top of a “free to distribute” flavor of Linux or Unix (Debian, CentOS, and Fedora are pretty popular). This gives the vendor complete control over how the application has been laid down over the operating system. The application is then managed by a way that has been blessed by the vendor such as a front end web GUI or thick client.


      As a consultant, I see a wide variety of environments and teams in action. The use of a virtual application is not always received with the greatest enthusiasm. For example: you have a server team that is strong with Windows and need to deploy a Linux vApp. The idea of a new operating system in the mix can be met with sour faces.


      How does your server team, be that yourself or others, react to the idea of virtual application servers?

      Do you often find them a blessing or a curse to your daily operations?




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