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    Enterprise Operations Console 1.4.1 Hot Fix 2 is available


      SolarWinds Enterprise Operations Console 1.4.1 or EOC Hot Fix 2 is available and can be downloaded here.

      This hot-fix preserves backwards compatibility with older versions of the Orion Platform.


      BACK UP YOUR EOC DATABASE BEFORE PROCEEDING. This hot-fix makes changes to your database.


      To install this hot fix:

      1. Stop the SolarWinds EOC services on the server.
      2. Execute the EOCTables.sql SQL script on the SolarWinds EOC database.
        • Extract the EOCTAbles.sql file from this .zip archive.
        • Run SQL Server Management Studio.
        • Connect to your EOC database server.
        • Click File > Open and open the EOCTables.sql file.
        • In the Object Explorer, browse and select your EOC database.
        • Press F5 to execute the script.
      3. Restart the SolarWinds EOC services.


      For more information, contact Technical Support