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    Assigning Alerts to an Additional Poller


      Hi all,


      I have NPM 10.1.2 and I have following the administrator's guide for NPM 10.1.2 for configuring an additional poller.


      I am trying to assign my advanced alerts to this poller and I have got as far as duplicating the alerts that i wish to assign, then making a note of the new Poller Engine ID, then trying to run the sample SQL query to assign the engine ID to these new copied alerts.


      However, firstly the documentation states for me to query the "Alerts" table. When I do this, the alerts I see do not correlate to the alerts I see in the advanced alert window of Alert Manager. The actual Alerts that I have created are in a table called "AlertDefinitions",but then there is no Table Field called "Engine ID" so I cannot run the query on that table...


      Has anyone else come accross this and know if I am doing something wrong?