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    Manual package download for Chrome is failing


      I don't have internet access from my Patch Manager server for downloading Google Chrome.

      So I manually download it edit the package pointing it at the already downloaded file on the HDD.

      But when I save the package, the icon shows not downloaded and the content page is empty.


      Here's the step by step.

      1. Right click and edit the Google Chrome 24.0.1312.57  EXE (Upgrade) package.

      2. Click Next twice to get to the Select Package page.

      3. Select "I already have the content for the package locally on my network"

      4. At the "Package" box I click the browse button and browse to the correct execuatble file.

      5. With the full path in the 'Package:' box I click Next four more times.

      6. I get the message 'Package Saved' and click OK.

      7. The view refreshes and I find the package that I just editted.

      8. The package is not downloaded.


      Please tell me what I'm doing wrong ?