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    NPM Network Topology Interfaces and Port-Channels

    j sachs

      I have looked around the forums but haven't found this specific post so I though I would ask.


      First off, I like the direction that NPM is moving toward.  Great new features in 10.4.  There can be improvements sure,  but it's really starting to move in a direction that will help me out a lot.


      Is there any plans for the NPM Network Topology to show the port channels and interfaces within them?  Maybe instead of showing an individual link, show the Port-channel,  then when you hover over the port-channel it shows all physical interfaces within the port-channel between the two devices?


      This would be of great help instead of having to go to the equipment to use cdp neighbors.  This would also save me a lot of time when using the ConnectNow feature within the Atlas.


      We are primarily a Cisco shop using 1841, ASA, WLC, Nexus, 3750's and 2960's...